I’ve Never Been to Pine Island

Through the attempt of producing an animated short film in the most sustainable way, the experimental drawn animation „I’ve never been to Pine Island“ reflects on various aspects of human civilization that caused the complex dynamics through which we became a threat to the existence of our planet.

Project start:
Project completion:

Drawings are known as one of the oldest forms of artistic expression and are presumably also the most sustainable ones. However, for the production of a drawn animation film it is necessary to use a variety of technical and digital devices which we began to perceive as part of a development that has become a major threat to our environment.

The project "I've Never Neen to Pine Island" (WT) challenges the media of drawing versus film in order to investigate the relation between technology and sustainability. The film starts off as a digital drawn animation, but as it progresses, digital techniques are being replaced by analog means and a drastic reduction of the resources used. Thus, it changes its aesthetics, while it virtually deconstructs itself. The process of drawing opens up a multi-causal space for thought and action: the animated scenes that evolve as a filmic illusion under the camera are being disrupted, revealing their intrinsic artificiality. Thus, the making of the film becomes a way of developing thoughts within the film and the material as well as the process of animating become an integral part of the film’s dramaturgy and narration. In this way, the film explores the potential of the process of making as an alternative to a rational understanding and interpretation of the world that surrounds us.

Project lead: Aline Helmcke - director, script, animation, producer

Funding: nordmedia

Contact: Aline Helmcke, mail(at)ahelmcke.com, phone: +49 (0)177 5639204