Popcorn in the Morning

The project is dedicated to the general indifference that helps us to function in everyday life, regardless. To whom is attention paid and how do we become attentive to the indifferent?

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Project completion:
Photo – André Correia, 2021, Berlin Kreuzberg
Photo – André Correia, 2021, Berlin Friedrichshain (U5)

Immersed in the small screen of the daily companion, it is easy not to hear the voice that speaks to you. Or at least it's easier to pretend you didn't hear it. Only a few seconds later your gaze does turn to the person who just passed by, overcome by the curiosity about who you might have ignored.

How do you portray apathy in order to fight it? Who has a voice in our society? Who is overlooked and ignored? Is there perhaps also a bit of freedom in indifference itself? Who says that it's only attention that makes life exciting?

Through interviews with people who are marginalised but also in the center of society, such as homeless people, children and teenagers, elderly people or service providers, we want to try to reveal and question the state of apathy towards others. 

The PAM! Collective would like to give the audience a chance to direct their attention towards their own indifference and of course towards all people who are often affected by a systematic indifference. Our main focus in this project is making an invisible phenomenon visible in order to create a greater awareness in social interaction with each other.

Project lead: André Correia, Madalena Wallenstein de Castro,  Paula Meuthen

Collaboration: Kira Lily Marshall (Performance), Sofia Sarmento (Choreography), Jäckie Rydz (Performance), Paula Schlagbauer (Direction)

Contact: andre.aeec(at)gmail.com

Photo - André Correia, 2022, Popkorn Scan
Photo - Paula Meuthen – 2021, Berlin Neukölln