Waltraut Pathenheimer

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Susanne Foidl and Anna Luise Kiss named their artistic research project, an excellent example of research in teaching, after Waltraut Pathenheimer. She was a set photographer and a pioneer being the first woman at the DEFA studios pursuing this profession in the field of feature films. Reason enough to dedicate a research project to her influential film photographs. The project wants to examine the power of interpretation and the particular aesthetic value of still photographs. Based on another scientific research project on Waltraut Pathenheimer that was conducted at the Film University the year before, the amount of questions was expanded in a Master Class called "Pathenheimer in the montage lab" in the winter semester 2016/2017. Therein the artistic-research process, specifically regarding montage techniques, were being focussed on. In this context, students of the Film University dealt with the scene and work images of Waltraut Pathenheimer and the corresponding films. Deconstruction and reconstruction processes in the editing room revealed the inner, aesthetic structure through montage and disassembly and also uncovered gender constructions or cinematic perspectives.

Selected photographs by Waltraut Pathenheimer and the results of the artistic research process by means of montage procedures were exhibited at the Center for Media Studies (ZeM) in Potsdam and in the foyer of the Film University in late 2016/early 2017.

Project lead:  Susanne Foidl, Anna Luise Kiss