Who Owns My Village? - Director: Christoph Eder

Director: Christoph Eder - 2021 - ostlicht filmproduktion, RBB, MDM, MBB - 96 Min.

In his native village at the Baltic Sea the filmmaker Christoph Eder observes the residents waking up from their political lethargy to fight for the future of this touristic place. It’s a film about the core of democracy between the white resort architecture and the sea waves.

“WHO OWNS MY VILLAGE tells about people with different political views and goals, who are presumably doing  the right thing. It’s a film about the power of democracy.” - Christoph Eder


  •  Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis

  • Natur Vision Filmfestival | Special Jury Prize

  • 50. Sehnsüchte Filmfestival

  • Crossing Europe Film Festival

  • 36. DOK.fest München – Megaherz Competition

  • Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival | Award of the Open Eyes-Jury

  • Prädikat „Besonders wertvoll"

  • German theatrical release