KOLLEKTIV is an ambivalent love declaration to collective work, a searching movement in feminist history and for new arrangements in the future.

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The documentary film KOLLEKTIV  presents the history and relevance of collective precarious work in film and cultural production in Berlin. The starting point is DIE ALLSEITIG REDUZIERTE PERSÖNLICHKEIT - REDUPERS, a feminist film classic from the 1970s about a young photographer caught between wage labour, care work and collective artistic working practices.

45 years later: How do today's queer-feminist collectives artistically negotiate the challenges of that time? Why does the film still seem relevant to us?

Three collectives from the fields of architecture (fem_arc), art (COVEN BERLIN) and performance (POLYMORA inc.) were invited by FLINTA* filmmakers – who also work collectively - to engage in an open, collaborative process of artistic appropriation and translation based on a scene they selected from REDUPERS. The collaborative working method is thus both the content and the method of the film.

While REDUPERS can be read as a testimony to a continuum of militant of militant necessity, it also evokes a sense of mourning for historical, lost possibilities. Is the idea of the continuity of feminist struggles linked to the figure of failure? Why is it still desirable today - despite all efforts - to work together in queer-feminist collectives?

Project lead: Hanna Prenzel

Funding: Sonderstipendium 2022 - Initial 2 „Neue Kooperationen“ (funded by the Akademie der Künste aus Mitteln der Beauftragten für Kultur und Medien im Rahmen des Programms NEUSTART KULTUR)

Collaboration: We - Hanna Prenzel (director, producer), Sve Immel (camera), Aline Bonvin (editor), Irene Izquierdo (co-director), Mireia Guzmàn (set designer) - have been working together for many years on various artistic, cinematic and political projects. We are making KOLLEKTIV (AT) because we needed a film like this in countless euphoric and desperate moments of collective feminist working practice.

Contact:  together(at)tintfilmkollektiv.com