FROM THE IN AND OUTSIDE من الداخل والخارج

In the 1980s, a young law student financed his education as a construction worker on a large prison project. At that time, neither he nor anyone else could have known that this prison would become one of the largest state torture centres in the world after the Syrian Revolution. Anwar Al-Bunni, now a successful human rights lawyer, had to leave the country after his own imprisonment and has been living with his family in Berlin since 2014. Together they are still struggling with the consequences of their expulsion, but continue to actively resist the regime from here. In his Berlin office, Al-Bunni collects the testimonies of other prisoners who managed to escape. He thereby contributed to the opening of the first trial in history against the crimes of the Assad regime by the Federal Supreme Court on April 23, 2020

2021, F1, documentary


Fritzie Benesch
Charlotte Hansen
Hans Radetzki
Firas Alshater
Or Alexandrov
Dyaa Naim


Internationalen KurzFilmFestival Hamburg / Wettbewerb