Prof. Susanne Schüle

 Susanne Schüle

Professor of Cinematography for Non-fiction Genres

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Following her training as a photographer, Susanne Schüle earned a degree in Cinematography from HFF Konrad Wolf in Potsdam-Babelsberg. She has been working as a freelance cinematographer since 1999, specializing in feature-length documentaries that received awards at numerous international festivals. Since 2000, she has been teaching cinematography at various film institutions. Resuming a professorship that she already held from 2009 to 2014, she is currently teaching Cinematography for Non-fiction Genres at Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf.


Cinematography for documentary genres

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Documentary cinematography at the intersection of subjective perception and actual reality
  • The anthropomorphic camera
  • Visual esthetics in East European cinematography

    Selected Filmography
  • Negativ Nächte, R: Susanne Schüle, Istvan Imreh, Robert Laatz, ,
  • Polnische Passion, R:  S. Mucha
  • Mit Bubi heim ins Reich, R: Stanislaw Mucha
  • Der Boxprinz, R: Gerd Kroske
  • Dreckfresser, Branwen Okpako,
  • Absolut Warhola, R: Stanislaw Mucha
  • Auf demselben Planeten, R: Katrin Eissing
  • Die Mitte, R: Stanislaw Mucha,
  • Wollis Paradies, R: Gerd Kroske Prix „Honorable Mentions“ Int. Jury Cinema du réel, Paris
  • Die Akkordeonspielerin, R: Biljana Gravanlieva,
  • Der Pfad des Kriegers, R: Andreas Pichler
  • Am Pier von Apolonovka, R: Andrei Schwartz
  • Tabakmädchen, R: Biljana Gravanlievas
  • Heino Jäger-look bevor you kuck, R: Gerd Kroske Vorauswahl zum deutschen Filmpreis 2013
  • Halbmondwarheiten, R: Bettina Blümner
  • Himmelverbot, R: Andrei Schwartz
  • Im freien Fall, R: Susanne Schüle und Elena Levina

  • Member of the German Film Academy
  • Member of international juries at documentary film festivals
  • Member of the selection and appointment committees of various film academies

Awards & Scholarships

  • 1999 Fellowship of Akademie Schloss Solitude
  • 2000 Film and Media Funding Award of the Berlin Academy of Arts
  • 2001 DEFA Young Talent Award
  • 2001 Honorable Mention for the cinematography for "Mit Bubi heim ins Reich" at the "Femme totale" Film Festival in Dortmund
  • 2003 Grimme Award and Best Cinematography Award for "Absolut Warhola" at DOK Leipzig
  • 2009 Film Grant of the DEFA Foundation and the Robert Bosch Foundation for the film project "Im freien Fall"
  • 2012 Filmbüro Bremen Funding Award for the film project "Im freien Fall"
  • 2012 Funding by the Berlin Senate for the film project "Im freien Fall"
  • 2015 Best Cinematography Award for "Himmelverbot" at the Docuart Film Festival in Bucharest