Book Salon

The event series Buchsalon (Book Salon) is a programmatic format that is not primarily concerned with presenting new publications, but rather with releasing back into the wild the thoughts that are often so laboriously enclosed between two (analog or digital) book covers. This release happens in open conversation. Therein lies the essence of the salon format.

In this sense, the salon is not a real place, but a cultural forum. The conversation in the salon embeds the discourse – scientific, artistic, or political – in a casket lined with red (or in our case, matching the sofa, rather green striped) velvet, bathes it in warm light. The sharpness is taken away, but the accuracy remains. And the surprise of what happens when printed and spoken word meet. Accordingly, the book salon does not need a hall, but seeks its place at changing, different locations of the university. Anywhere you can fit a sofa, a few chairs and a bar.