Fabulation for Future

The project "Fabulation for Future" reflects on the change in perception of a world marked by multiple crises and the new importance of digital proximity. At the center is the initiation of a critical rethinking for a sustainable future on planet earth.

Project start:
Project completion:

We are living in a time of multiple crises while confronting the beginning consequences of the Anthropocene. The climate change in convergence with the new corona virus has been provoking controversial debates about the future on earth. The sudden visibility of a far-reaching interrelatedness between biosphere, ecosphere, and technosphere has not only led to a change in collective consciousness about our ontological condition and interdependence, but also to a concrete shift of our physical lives into the digital. To find out how we can meet these current ethical and ecological challenges with artistic-philosophical means Christine Reeh-Peters, together with Fee Altmann, has conceived Fabulation for Future, an artistic research project starting in September 2021with a kick-off international Summer School/ Masterclass Artistic Research  at the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF. This 9-days online event has been the reflection ground to develop projects for an online exhibition to open in May 2022.

The project's artistic research process designs a collective critical rethinking of the human condition aiming for artistic ways to create post-anthropocentric worldviews for a sustainable future on earth, where human and non-human species coexist. Reimagining such a future through artistic research methods can only happen in sympoiesis, involving diverse perspectives and agencies. The sustainable goal of Fabulation for Future is thus to build a worldwide sympoietic network of thinkers, artists and filmmakers. The method of "speculative fabulation/figuration" coined by Donna Haraway plays a special role here. The aimed network is conceived as collectively acting in form of a fictive International Committee to Save the Earth through Speculative Fabulation while preparing discourses, artistic actions, fabulative concepts, speculative narratives, and videos that will initially be presented digitally. Other exhibition forms are planned.

More Information here: www.fabulationforfuture.net 

  • Project lead: Prof. Dr. Christine Reeh-Peters, Junior Professor for Artistic Research in Digital Media
  • Co-curated by: Fee Altmann, !KF Berlin
  • Funding: DAAD, ZeM