Film Heritage

The Film Heritage M.A. program is an integrative and interdisciplinary degree program dealing with the global audiovisual heritage and, in particular, film as a key medium of the 20th century and an important basis of today's digital media culture.

 The collaboration with Filmmuseum Potsdam, the university's artistic and practical degree programs as well as numerous Berlin-Brandenburg-based institutions preserving film culture ensures that practice is added to the theoretical parts of the program. Audiovisual media have an ever-increasing impact on daily life in our societies. The settings in which these media are produced and used as well as the involved technologies and materials are becoming more and more diverse and complex.While the number of films is increasing every day, the period during which they are "new" is steadily decreasing. Every film that premieres today will be part of the film culture heritage of tomorrow. At the same time, every "old" film may be considered a "new" film as long as it hasn't been integrated in the canon or received enough attention.

Movies are the memories of our lifetime, we need to keep them alive.

Martin Scorsese

In the future, there will be an increasing demand for specialists who review, archive, re-contextualize, and deal with the vast number of films that potentially belong to the global film heritage, who make them available to the public, and who ensure the transfer of knowledge about them. Career opportunities for graduates are based on the following dimensions of film heritage:

  • the constantly changing definition of film heritage and the process of canonization (e.g., science, journalism, politics, education)
  • films as part of the cultural memory of humanity (e.g., UNESCO)
  • the safeguarding, evaluation, restoration, and reconstruction of films (all types of public and private archives)
  • cataloging and contextualization (databases, metadata)
  • institutionalization (management and public relations)
  • media politics and media law
  • programming and editing for different media (cinemas, festivals, museums and exhibitions, online platforms, DVDs and Blu-rays, TV)
  • film education (didactic materials and strategies)
  • the artistic, scientific, and commercial use of archive material

Degree: Master of Arts (M.A.)

Program Duration: 4 semesters 

Program Entry: Winter term

Language: Courses are mainly held in German

University places: 10

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