About Us

We are storytellers. We tell stories through images, words and sounds, bodies and spaces, pixels and takes, budgets and technologies. We explore the history, esthetics, and future of audiovisual media. Our stories are motivated by the desire and challenge to move and inspire people and to make a difference.

We represent a wealth of different stories and artistic forms, genres and formats, specialization and exchange. Our interdisciplinary work is based on mutual respect. We work together to implement projects. In both theory and practice, we collaborate with people, companies, and institutions. We are active on a regional, national, and global level.

We are Germany's first film university bringing scientific and artistic research together. We explore film as a narrative and technological medium, as an artistic and social practice, and as a phenomenon shaping education, entertainment, and our cultural heritage.

Our top priority is to deliver high-quality teaching and to support creative people in developing their own approach. We provide students with film craft skills as well as market and industry expertise while promoting artistic and scientific exchange. Offering Bachelor's, Master's, Meisterschüler, and PhD programs, we allow students to earn officially and internationally recognized degrees. As both media and media use change, we reflect upon and sustainably contribute to the process of change. Being aware of the history of Babelsberg as a media city, we advocate free and open societies. We unequivocally oppose discrimination and political extremism. We stand up or equality and support people in different family and living situations.

The Film University is a place representing and promoting the freedom of research, teaching, and artistic creation. Film is what unites us.