Tamara no longer knows the country she comes from. She was born in 1990. As her family falls apart, Tamara fights for her childhood home, for her relationships - and for her own story. Tamara's father dies. And while still in shock, the entire family history turns out to be a lifelong lie. Everything was an invention, but it took place. A false narrative that is nevertheless true. Tamara and her mother struggle for their relationship, which cannot be separated from the social developments in which the family came into being, grew and fell apart: both women come from the same place, in two different countries. Tamara confronts and flees, searches and wants to believe. She wants to understand her mother, defend her, and tear down her narrative at the same time. Tamara must face what she once ran away from: her story. This opens up the great human questions of belonging, truth and love.

2022, MA-Abschlussfilm, feature film


Jonas Ludwig Walter


Braunschweig International Film Festival