Lupe & Loops – A Trip Into the Uncanny Valley

The project explores intermedial connections through a construct that brings the relationship of scale into play. The aim is to create an open, experimental, interdisciplinary framework.

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"The miniature is a trove of size", writes the philosopher and natural scientist Gaston Bachelard in his Poetics of Space (1960, 185; French EA 1957). Following on from this observation, the Lupe & Loops project investigates the production and reception aesthetic potentials of the distorted scale. The aim is to develop a movable modular system - based on the principle and in the size of a record player - that can be played with various miniature sets by visual artists and musicians in the context of multimedia live performances. Through changing sceneries, light and sound effects, experimental music (short) films are created in artistic interplay. Last but not least, the miniature sets themselves function as actors by independently generating rhythms. After the end of the project, other artists will be able to use and develop the resulting structure.

The project focuses on the question of the "otherness of the miniature" (Lehnert/Weilandt 2020, 9) and its aesthetic potential. Thus, the play with proportions evokes irritation and fascination. Both the large world in miniature and the small object in enlargement open the view for a different observation of reality. How can the unimagined be made visible? What is the effect of the visibility of the previously unimagined? How does the trialogue between image, music and object displace, enrapture and distort our perception of the world?

Project lead: Christophe Higli


ContactChristophe.higli(at), Phone: 0178-1682692