Creative Entrepreneurship Challenge

With MOVE2startup, we don't want to wait for innovative ideas, but do everything we can to create them. In our Creative Entrepreneurship Challenges, we do this by taking existing challenges from partners as the basis for novel business model developments. We use impulses from leading companies and research institutions from our network and thus build bridges between existing companies, universities and startups.

What is the special potential of Challenges?

  • The basis is an intensive examination of existing problems. This means working on topics with high relevance. In most cases, the challenges also have a social or ecological aspect that is to be addressed by entrepreneurial means.
  • While many founders do not succeed in identifying the core of the challenge from customers and partners, we ensure that the ideas and solutions developed in the challenges are applicable from the beginning and remain so until implementation.
  • The problem clarification at the beginning ensures that you develop your professional, creative and entrepreneurial talents where they also offer special value to others. This creates social, environmental and economic value.

The details of the 2023 event series can be found here.