The Set Design B.F.A. program encompasses practical and theoretical fundamentals and allows students to independently work on several artistic film projects in collaboration with students enrolled in other programs of the university.

In the first year of study, students acquire basic set design skills and explore images and spaces in their first practical exercises. Besides, they attend lectures and courses on art and media theory.

In the second year, students complete the media theory units and create a studio set design. Moreover, they become familiar with the tools they need to present and communicate their ideas.

In the third year, students develop and write their Bachelor's Thesis. Throughout this process, the university offers interdisciplinary artistic film projects.

The program comprises the following modules: Introductory Courses, Basics of Set Design I, Interdisciplinary Basics I, Basics of Set Design II, Communication and Presentation, Stages, Events, and TV, Interdisciplinary Basics II, Studio Set Design / Artificial Light Project, VFX, Artistic Graduation Project, Bachelor's Thesis.

For details, please refer to the Study and Examination Regulations in German: