Open Theses

Here you will find an overview of current topics and ideas for student research projects of all kinds and currently open student research projects, bachelor theses, master theses and doctoral dissertations.

We are happy to collaborate with other study programs and universities and to take on the supervision of projects and theses from outside. In addition to inquiries with your own topics, you can also apply for the topics we have advertised here. We will develop specific questions together once a contact is established. The working language in our group is English, but you can also conduct research and write in German.

We are interested in all topcis from the overall field of Creative Technologies. Currently, however, the following topics and ideas are of great interest to us. Specific tasks from this collection of topics can, for example, focus on one or more of the following points.

  • Technical / creative / artistic concepts and implementations
  • Comprehensive inventories and comparisons of different methods / techniques / implementations
  • Experiments, case- and user-studies
  • Evaluation and analysis
  • Critical reflection


Interaction Mechanisms

  • Interaction mechanisms for procedurally generated graphics on differently scaled output formats, from a smart watch, over tablets and monitors to large scale projection mappings.
  • Interaction mechanisms for audiences with large scale projection mappings.
  • Interaction mechanisms through smart phones e.g. for an interactive performance.
  • Interaction mechanisms with an eye-tracker in a creative context.
  • Interaction mechanisms for large-scale projection mapping upon buildings.
  • Interaction mechanisms, which are invisible and unnoticed from an user or audience in a creative context.
  • Interaction mechanisms with and through plants.
  • Interaction mechanisms for digital instruments and interfaces.
  • Novel concepts for collaborative experiences for a large audience.

Artistic-Creative Processes

  • Quantifiable measuring of spatial artistic-creative processes, e.g. motion capture for sculpting.
  • Novel concepts and implementations for the creation of digital music.

Graphics and Audio

  • Expressive abstracted computer-generated avatars, which are meaningful for actors and performers.
  • Expressive abstracted computer-generated avatars which are meaningful in every-day life communication.
  • Procedurally generated graphics with an artistic expression, which conveys meaning and emotions beyond their graphical representation.
  • Meaningful and expressive parameters for procedural graphics for artists (e.g. through machine learning).
  • Transformation of a given 2D painting into a walkable version in 3D, e.g. in VR.
  • Live performance scenarios with an audience in VR.


  • Non-linear storytelling.
  • Storytelling through data visualization.
  • Uncovering hidden biases through interactive storytelling.


  • Reinforcement learning in an artistic context.
  • Artistic-creative communication of possibilities, prejudices and fears about AI in society.


  • Web-applications to support media studies, e.g. film studies.
  •  Creative web-applications for creating a sense of community on a global scale.
  • Creative web-applications that enable intercultural communication and understanding.

Tools and Pipelines

  • Tools and pipelines for Virtual Production.
  • Tools and pipelines for 3D computer animation and VFX.
  • Real-time engines for projected CGI elements in VFX productions.
  • Tools and pipelines for audio productions.
  • Tools and pipelines for common Film production processes.
  • Tools and pipelines for the software packages Maya, Houdini, Unity, Unreal, TouchDesigner, vvvv, MaxMsp, Ableton, etc.
  • Houdini within a real-time pipeline.

Open Proposals

Currently, there are no specific proposals open...

If interetested in working together, please get in touch!