Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of quality assurance/evaluation?

It is in the interests of the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF to ensure high-quality teaching. It is obliged to carry out the evaluation pursuant to the Brandenburg University Act and has adopted statutes for this purpose. The evaluations are required for degree course accreditations, for example.

What is the purpose of evaluating teaching?

The evaluation of teaching should form a basis for constructive dialogue within the university and further develop and improve the teaching on offer and the quality of instruction in the degree courses. The results are for lecturers to reflect on themselves and not for comparison purposes. Teaching evaluations also form an important basis for external evaluations by accreditation agencies.

What does the Film University’s quality assurance service do?

  • Course evaluations
  • Evaluation of studying and framework conditions
  • Evaluation of introduction week at the beginning of studies
  • Alumni surveys
  • Group interviews (qualitative measure)
  • Accreditation (external evaluation of degree courses)
  • Advanced didactic training for lecturers

What is the teaching evaluation procedure?

The students on a course complete evaluation questionnaires that are then collected and analysed using an electronic evaluation system.

Alternatively, there is the option of carrying out group discussions with students (interviews). In these productive discussions, problems can be identified and addressed directly. The analysis is also anonymised in this case.

What questions are asked in the questionnaire?

Examples of questions include those relating to the structure, organisation, conveying of subject matter and use of teaching methods and materials during a course.  
If any questions remain unanswered, students can contact quality management and also make suggestions or requests regarding problems not covered by our questionnaire.
> You will find the sample questionnaires here

Is the evaluation anonymous?

Yes, the evaluation is completely anonymous. The completed evaluation questionnaires are recorded electronically, while the handwritten comments are typed up and anonymised. If fewer than three evaluations are submitted for a course, the survey will not be analysed by the system.

Who are the quality management officers at the Film University?

The quality management officers at the Film University are:

Dr. Daniella Sarnowski, Room 4407, Tel.: +49 (0)331-6202-151 and Martin Weiße in Room 4306 Tel.: +49 (0)331-6202-153

When will my department be evaluated? What is the evaluation schedule?

The plan is for each degree course to be evaluated on a schedule of every three semesters.

How are the surveys analysed/What happens with the results?

The respective course lecturer will receive a PDF file by e-mail containing the anonymous results and collected prose comments. Lecturers are obliged to discuss the results of the course evaluations with their students.
Where assistant lecturers are concerned, the respective dean receives the analysis. The President receives a summary report of all evaluations at the end of each semester.

Can I see the results of the course evaluations as a student at the Film University?

Yes, the results of surveys in which you have taken part yourself can be viewed at the Quality Management department in Room 4306 or 4407.

Can I request an evaluation if I am not satisfied with a course as a student at the Film University?

An evaluation cannot be requested by an individual student, but it can be requested by a whole seminar group.