The Film University is guided by the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG). The evaluations are also carried out at the Film University in accordance with the Standards of the German Evaluation Society (DeGEval), in particular:
Usefulness, feasibility, fairness/transparency, precision.

You will find the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF evaluation statutes  here .

Teaching evaluations take place in a three-semester rotation (An overview of the evaluation schedule can be found here).

At the beginning of the semester, the deans of studies decide whether there will be a) course evaluations, b) a degree interview or c) a degree evaluation of all students of the respective degree programme. Surveys outside of this schedule are also possible,

How an optional online course evaluation works:
1. The request for a survey is sent to Mr Weiße (m.weisse(at)filmuniversitaet.de) at the beginning of the semester with the e-mail addresses of all participating students.
2. Midway through the semester, Quality Management sends the course questionnaire to the students online. You can specify a point in time and give the students 10 minutes at the end of the lecture to complete the evaluation on their phones (or another end device such as a laptop, tablet, etc.). This is automatically returned to QM and you will receive an appraisal.
3. Please analyse the results with the students at the end of the semester.


The Film University carries out evaluations including the following on a schedule:

Evaluation of Teaching:

Evaluation of parameters for studying and research:


To compile and analyse the questionnaires, the Film University uses the software EvaSys Cloud from Electric Paper.

Quality and Evaluation Commission

The Senate Committee develops instruments for the evaluation of teaching and studies (Quality and Evaluation Committee). The > evaluation statutes of this committee govern evaluation at the Film University.

The committee consists of the following members:


University lecturers

University lecturer representatives

Academic employees

Academic employee representatives


    Student representatives

      Other employees

      Other employee/office representatives