Artistic Research

Artistic Research accentuates the connection between knowledge, aesthetic experience and artistic practice. It understands the process of artistic creation as a process of exploration and cognition and film as a medium of thought and reflection.

Artistic research methods are used in all genres of film. Possibilities of cinematic creation and narration are experimentally explored anew. The various disciplines are challenged to link up in a new way, transversely to well-rehearsed practices. An important focus of artistic research is therefore on the way in which disciplines, trades and agents work together, for example on the often collaborative reorientation and shaping of work processes.

Research Projects

Artistic research projects reflect on their artistic media and questions and at the same time reach out into other fields: They expand and enrich the concept of art and create new approaches to the world and alternative realities. In doing so, they not only address individual genres, trades, or agents, but become socially impactful forces.

At Film University Babelsberg, artistic research is carried out by students (IKF Award for Artistic Research) academic and artistic staff and doctoral students (Scientific-Artistic PhD-Program), professors and visiting professors, also in cooperation with partners. The IKF Award for Artistic Research supports projects by students, academic staff and doctoral candidates at Film University Babelsberg who use artistic means and methods to investigate, question, and rethink aesthetic, philosophical, social and scientific premises and practices. 


Regular events of the IKF promote the exchange with experts and artists outside the Film University.

Research-based Teaching

Artistic research-based teaching at Film University Babelsberg creates spaces for experimentation and reflection. It familiarizes students with an artistic research attitude and in this way forms a kind of humus for future research projects. In its transdisciplinary forms, artistic research-based teaching integrates scientific and technological fields of work in a common theme or question. The Film University promotes inter- and transdisciplinary teaching formats with the Master Fund and the Masterclasses Artistic Research, among others.