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The medium film emerged from experimentation, and as early as the 1920s a research with cinematic means developed that reflected its practice and contexts in film itself, as well as in texts and other media. The IKF supports the filmic experiment, which brings forth the hitherto unthought, unseen and not yet experienced. The process is as important in this as the product.

The IKF expands artistic research at Film University and networks it in national and international contexts. In the dialogue between different knowledge cultures, the IKF is evolving as a site for the encounter of different research approaches. With its activities, the IKF aims at the future viability of the filmic disciplines in the digital and social change.


The IKF offers advising to researchers from all study programs. We promote and accompany the conception of artistic and artistic-scientific research projects at Film University. This includes supporting applications for third-party funding as well as entering into project partnerships.


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The IKF supports the development of artistic research projects at the Film University and promotes the reflection and expansion of their methods. To this end, the IKF Award for Artistic Research was created, which facilitates the realization of outstanding projects by students, academic staff and doctoral candidates of Film University. Interdisciplinary teaching formats at Film University are funded by the Masterfonds and the Masterclasses Artistic Research


The IKF promotes the exchange of researchers at the Film University, and it seeks and supports contacts in the national and international field of artistic research. We provide an overview of current trends, initiatives, and projects. And conversely, we identify appropriate peers and research partners for projects at the Film University.


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