Tobias Frühmorgen: Creative Artificial Intelligence, how AI and I write a screenplay

This scientific-artistic PhD is a research about the question of creativity of and collaboration with Artificial Intelligence.

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Tobias Frühmorgen’s scientific-artistic dissertation is set in the areas of storytelling and artificial intelligence (AI). It deals with the question of creativity in the age of DeepLearning and tries to critically explore the potentials of AI and use it artistically. How does the concept of art change when it is produced by machines? 

The scientific question is about the nature of creativity and the co-creation between humans and machines: are machines creative or do they just simulate it? What is the difference between human and machine creativity and how could both enter into a fruitful exchange?

The artistic question is: How can a screenplay be co-written by AI? What is the nature of creative processes? What kind of machine intelligence is needed to be creative together with a human? How does a dialogue develop between the human and the machine? What are the tools of this process of co-creation?

The artistic output of this PhD will be the screenplay of a feature film as well as a making-of following that collaboration process.

  • Project lead: Tobias Frühmorgen
  • CV: Tobias Frühmorgen is a filmmaker and film lecturer. His artistic works include fictional, nonfictional and experimental narration films: His film „Human Body“  was screened at more than 25 festivals worldwide. Among his editing works is the restoration and re-editing for Yilmaz Güney‘s YOL – The Full Version which premiered in Cannes Classics in 2017. He teaches Creative Production and European Film Heritage, and is project and thesis supervisor at Lusófona University Lisbon (PT) both for the European Master Program KinoEyes (PT_UK_EE_IRL) and the Master Film Studies and Cinema Bachelors. He also part of exchange programs like Looking China (PT_CN) as well as research programs like Filmterm (EE_FI_DE_PT), (DE_HU_PT) and “FilmEU RIT”. Since 2020 he is also member of the curriculum, pedagogy and artistic research development of FilmEU as well as project supervisor for a MiniSeries Pilot.  Additionally he is a story analyst for international feature screenplays.
  • Contact: tobias(at)
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  • PhD Advisors: Prof. Dr. Christine Reeh-Peters, Prof. Dr. Possidónio Cachapa
  • Scientific / artistic PhD in the discipline: Screenwriting / Dramaturgy