Tobias Frühmorgen: AI and Screenwriting: Exploring Storytelling with GPT

What types of cinematic narratives can be generated when humans and machines cooperate to create them? The interactions between intelligence and creativity is examined in this scientific-artistic PhD.

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This thesis investigates the intersection of storytelling and Deep Learning through an artistic research project that involves co-writing a cinematic screenplay with GPT. The study aims to explore the changes in writing and storytelling processes when collaborating with a machine.

The primary research questions are: What are the necessary conditions and dynamics of human-machine interaction for collaborative screenplay writing with a GPT-based AI?  How does this collaboration influence the storytelling process?

The scientific approach of the inquiry focuses on the feasibility of co-creation with AI in the field of storytelling to produce a satisfactory screenplay. It also examines the capabilities required by both the machine and the human collaborator to effectively co-write a screenplay.

The artistic approach delves into the conditions of writing a screenplay for a film in collaboration with a GPT-based AI. By creating a writer's room situation, it investigates the dialogue and the prompting between the human and the machine, as well as the transformations in storytelling that occur when working with a machine.